the ordering process

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Clicking on the 'Request a quote' button will take you through to a screen where you can fill in your details and pick which material you require for your model. If your model or mesh is too large for email you will be sent through to our FTP site where you will be able to upload the model directly.

Once you have requested a quotation we will analyse your model/mesh with our software to produce a time and material content for the 3D printing of your object. From this your quotation will be produced including any extra work, i.e. fixing meshes and the delivery costs.

Within the email that contains your quote there will be a link 'Click to order', this will take you straight through to the ordering area of the website. You then need to click 'Confirm' to send your order and then complete the payment process. If you are a business account holder the payment step will be skipped and you will be sent an invoice once the work is complete and dispatched.

Once your order has been processed and dispatched you will be sent an email with a shipping reference number and a website link. This number will allow you to track your delivery with our third party couriers.

The 3D Printing Ordering Process