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We are an Experienced 3D Printing Bureau with 10 3D printers.

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Welcome to 3D Creation Lab


Welcome to the 3D Creation Lab website and blog!

What exactly does 3D Creation Lab do? We help Companies and individuals to have a 3D printed model in their hand in the fastest possible time and with the most competitive price, With 10 3Dprinters, 5 Technologies and a hundred materials to choose from, 3D creation lab provide a unique in house service, the print lab is now based in Stoke on Trent, having moved from Bristol. We have a Graduate CAD engineer, with 10years experience, who can change your 2D sketch into a 3D printable model, we also have a 3D scanner that can reverse engineer an object and create a CAD file then that file can be manipulated or simply printed out. The latest addition to our portfolio of services is to take a series of photo's and create a 3D printable file in colour.

Please call for more information, to call Brian 07957862657 to call Dave or Clive in the Print lab 01782 324760.

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