We have bought an amazing new 3D printer from Objet, the Connex 260

Objet Connex is added to our Eden 500v to print 2 materials simultaneously

Like its older brother the Connex 500 it offers multiple materials in one build tray, not only

different materials for separate parts but different materials within the same part! These are the only 3D printers on the market that can do this by using Objet’s patented Matrix Polyjet technology.


 This technology allows the machine to offer very close 3D_Printing_and_Rapid_Prototyping_1simulation of the end product. It supports FullCure and composite materials like photopolymer models and provide exceptional quality and features which are way ahead of the technology curve. The machine also provide “Digital Materials” which are composite materials made up of any two Fullcure model materials integrated in specific concentrations and structures to provide the desired mechanical properties, which you can see from the video and pictures below.


We were so impressed we bought a Connex 260........and an Eden 500V







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