Boys and their customised toys

One of the problems 3D printing has before it can be adopted universally is the skill currently required to produce a 3-dimensional model to be printed, this therefore means that it is still a few years away from being available to everybody.

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Boys and their customised toys

But a few forward thinking people are overcoming this problem to produce some great models and in some interesting ways.

One of these people is Steve Talkowski and his Sketchbot project. Steve is a character artist and animator based in Brooklyn, New York and Sketchbot has been a project for over a year. On his blog he takes us through every stage of the manufacture of the prototypes and what his thoughts are:-

Steve is using 3D printing in his iterative design process to perfect the model before it goes to the factory for production. Issues like the grooves on the arms not being big enough wouldn’t come to light until production had started and then it would cost a lot to change anything even as minor as that. This of course helps Steve to get the model perfect right off the starting blocks and as economically as possible.

Having read the blog it becomes obvious what advantages 3D printing have given Steve and his Sketchbot project and Steve doesn’t own his own printer but instead used a 3D printer service provider in Los Angeles to produce his model.



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