Guardian 3D printing

HD3000 projet is mentioned in this article

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Guardian 3D printing

I found this article in the Guardian, it talks about the HD3000 projet which is a 3D printer with very high resolution that we use to print masters for moulding purposes.

 "3D printing is a big deal. It could – potentially – see local, custom-made goods replacing those produced on assembly lines. It could bring manufacturing jobs back to the UK, and create a world of new opportunities for UK designers. And it might also be a major source of growth in the future, one the government might want to nurture.

But what is 3D printing exactly, and why should we be so excited about it? It allows people to download designs from the internet and turn them into physical objects, building them up layer by layer. Enthusiasts are already making dolls, guitars and – more sinisterly – perhaps even guns, and the technology is advancing all the time. Recent advances mean you can now 3D print in metal and bio-materials, prompting some aerospace and medical firms to make specialised parts with them. This list of uses will only keep growing."  

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