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In a Galaxy not so far, far away……

There seems to be plenty of buzz around 3D in general at the moment, and much of it is biased towards filming and viewing 3D images or videos. All of these technologies require special glasses to get the affect though.

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3D Printing in Action video

This video is a demonstration of our Objet 3D printer and shows the level of detail that can be achieved with this type of rapid prototyping machine.

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3D Printing from an iPhone?

I recently read an article on which I found interesting, mainly because I am an iPhone user and have often wondered why there weren’t any CAD type applications

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Boys and their customised toys

One of the problems 3D printing has before it can be adopted universally is the skill currently required to produce a 3-dimensional model to be printed, this therefore means that it is still a few years away from being available to everybody.

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